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Installation of 3.9kW Solar PV System - in roof

March 2020

Mr & Mrs L

The twelve sleek, integrated solar panels that Dylan fitted to our home are of the highest quality and were productive from the moment they were switched on. We know this because, as Dylan patiently explained…we can track each panel online,  in real time, as it does its work for the environment and our home. Dylan is more than a competent tradesman. He is a knowledgeable  enthusiast, who  goes about his work with a high degree of passion. He works quickly and effectively, is always easy to contact, and coordinates well  with fellow tradesmen. He also has time for his clients: time to sit and listen and explain and help and care, all of which is very reassuring. Our home, roof and panels were…(and indeed still are, whenever we have a query)…in capable, safe hands during the work Dylan did for us. He has done over and above what we expected from him. In essence he is our true ‘Solar Star’.


New sub-main to garage, and installation of Tesla EV charger

December 2019

Mr & Mrs J

Dylan did an awesome job installing my Tesla Wall Charger at my home. It was a very challenging install since the mains into my house was on the completely opposite side to that of my garage where I keep my Tesla Model 3 so a trench had to be dug across my back garden lawn. Its been a few months since that was done and the lawn is now fully recovered and all thanks to Dylan I now charge my Tesla Model 3 at 28-miles per hour which is approx 7KW per hour charge rate. Given I charge overnight using off peak Octopus supplied electricity available for 4-hours from 00:30 which only costs 5p/KWh and given my car drives about 3-miles on a single KWh of charge that means each mile I drive is costing less than 2p. Too much information ? Don't worry Dylan does a brilliant job explaining as well as doing an awesome installation. Next task for Dylan will be PV tiles on my garage roof and a Tesla Powerwall and should have even lower mileage costs over years to come.


Installation of 4.16kW Solar PV System - in roof

New electrical installation in new build property


Mr & Mrs J





We have recently constructed a brand new house and all the electrical installation including Solar PV system was carried out by this company. Dylan, the owner, was extremely helpful in his advice and professionalism. All the work was carried out to a very high standard without a single fault. The installation was carried out promptly and without any delay. The site was kept clean and orderly at all times, and therefore we have no hesitation in recommending this company.

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